Through music and art, Cristina will raise funds for the campaign #UnitedForGalapagos. This campaign seeks to support the approximately 3,000 residents of the Galapagos Islands (10% of the population) that are in mainland Ecuador and cannot return to their homes.

As a result of the health emergency, all flights to the islands were cancelled in mid March immediately before these residents could complete their travel home. At the moment, these residents are looking at a phased return program under established strict health control protocols.

Cristina has convened more than 25 artists, public figures, and influencers to support the objective. The artists line up who will contribute with their music and include: Nito Mestre, Omar Sosa, Misha Piatigorsky, Sofia Rei, Mirella Cesa, Bacilos, Nilko Andreas, Alex Alvear, Hector and Lucas Napolitano, Lena Burke, Nana Mendoza, Daniel Betancourth, Maria Tejada, Albert Castiglia, Alexandra Cabanilla, Techy Fatule, Elsten Torres, Sin Residencia, and many more. The audience will be able to enjoy an amalgamation of genres like jazz, pop, singer-songwriter, classical, alternative, blues, bossa, rock, among others, and from artists from all over the world.

As part of the program, there will also be several talks with people that are expert in their fields covering themes like: sustainable development & tourism, national parks & conservation and well-being. The special invited guests include: Dr. Arturo Izurieta (ex-Director of the Galapagos National Park and Charles Darwin Research Station), Roberto Ochoa (Naturalist & Documentarian), Roberto Manrique (Actor & Activist), and others. Cristina will host the Fest as well as being on the line up for its closing day.

My objective is to put the Galapagos in the limelight, raise funds and have a global conversation about the reality that we have local populations, that there should be a balance between conservation & tourist activity, which is how the islands mainly live, and it’s always a fine line. It’s a complex and difficult subject and there it should be faced with caution, intelligence, advice, and vision.”

I am working day and night to produce this festival with stupendous collaborators and support. Everyone is donating their time and creativity to the cause and that fills me with joy and gratitude” “In addition, I see myself continuing this Fest & project into the future because it combines my artistic activity with my love and concern for the Galapagos.”

Donate now! – Galápagos Music Fest – Dona Hoy!

With your contributions we could:
+ Help the people from the Islands to return to their homes.
+ Assemble food kits for people in need.
+ Create solidarity bonds to mitigate the economic impact caused by the current situation.
+ Make PCR tests
+ Develop a logistic to reactivate the islands

The #GalapagosMusicFest is an initiative created to support hundred of families impacted by the current situation in the #GalapagosIslands. We are united non-profit artists, contributing to the cause with a little art from our corner.

Please, consider DONATING TODAY to the Galapagos Beat Fund. A tax deductible fund created through CAF AMERICA. The people from thee Enchanted Islands thank you! 




Baronesa World Jazz Music by Cristina Morrison











Impredecible Voces de Mujer, (Unpredictable, Women Voices), a re-interpretation of classic Latin American standards turned into vocal duets with Latin jazz arrangements by Misha Piatigorsky.

For her third record, Cristina’s frequent collaborator pianist Misha Piatigorsky reimagined and arranged 11 standards from the Latin American Songbook, giving them the rhythms and feel of modern Latin jazz. Cristina invited five illustrious female singers to join her on vocal duets which brought out the emotional intensity of the lyrics and resulted in mutually inspired performances.

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Play on IMPREDECIBLE: Voces de Mujer on major music platforms now!

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