Cristina Morrison

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“Chameleonic, versatile, worldly, adventurous, and tour de force” are all words used to describe Cristina Morrison

Cristina is a multi disciplined artist based in New York since 2009 and has been performing since her mid teens. She was born in Miami from an American father and an Ecuadorian mother. “I think that being multi cultural is a blessing and having lived in so many places has given me a world view”. “I’m a free spirit, a creative being, a nature and city lover, and a cool and loving mother”.

At an early age Cristina fell in love with music and took on the piano for a few years, later she started doing TVand got into a rock cover band. She discovered early on what her passion was – the performing arts- and she pursued it. In the early 90’s, she graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and from then on started working professionally in television series, theatre and music. In the mid 90’s she founded and was the executive producer of her own 110 seat theatre in Ecuador, El Socavón de Guápulo.

Cristina has lived in Rome, Quito, Los Angeles, Miami and the Galapagos and it was during her time on the islands that she started writing more. She also started a band called “La Baronesa y sus Amantes” by the end of the 90’s.

In 2016 Cristina was invited to be a guest speaker at TEDx Galapagos. Her talk, “My Soul Needs to Leave an Imprint”, focused on how the Archipelago nurtures her inspiration and creative process.

Moreover, she’s one of the main supporters of “Arteducarte”, an education program through the arts in all of Isabela island’s public schools since 2009. It’s backed up through proceeds from her record sales. The Galapagos are her “soul place”.

“You need to keep evolving as an artist and as a human being, it’s a journey” As of late, Cristina has mainly focused on music and on Latin American Indie film as an actor and producer. Nevertheless, she took on a role in, “The Winter of April” by Tabula Rasa Theatre in New York in 2016 which made her a recipient of an ATI Best Actress Award. Some of her films have premiered at Tribeca, Bafici, Berlinale & Hffny Film Festivals.

As a singer she’s been invited to music festivals like SXSW, Java Jazz, Riviera Maya, Ecuador Jazz and more. Her latest record release, “Impredecible, Voces de Mujer”(Unpredictable, women voices”), is an all women duet album produced under her indie label, Baronesa Records and is a tribute to the Latin American Songbook.

”I’m so very honored” , she stated when her previous album titled, “Baronesa”, earned a double nomination at the 15th Independent Music Awards.

In her consistent search for developing new projects, she’s now venturing into CURATING music, fashion and arts.

“My producer side takes me into a new adventure. I have met & collaborated with so many talented musicians in the jazz & latin scene that it only feels natural to take it a step further. I’ve always liked to connect people and make things happen”.

Lastly, “Many people have asked me to teach, to share my experience and I think that time has come”.


“What it Takes to be an Independent Artist”, can be done in a talk, workshop or panel setting and it’s meant for attendees to have a better understanding of the process, the world behind the art & stage itself and the work that needs to be done on the “office side” of things.

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