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El invierno de abril by  Tabula RaSA, Directed by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval

2016 ATI ( Independent Theatre Artists of New York) best actress award.

La Edad de la Ciruela (The Aging of the Plum) by Aristides Vargas

Roles: Eleonora, Francisca, Tia Adriatica, Abuela Maria
Corporacion Teatral Tragaluz

First Love by Samuel Beckett

A one woman show based on a short story
El Socavon de Guapulo/ Cristina Morrison production

Enemies, a Love Story by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Role: Tamara
New York, NY – USA

The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant by R.W. Fassbinder

Role: Petra
White Orchard Theatre
Miami, FL – USA

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