Cristina Morrison - Stand Still (Remix)

Stand Still (Remix) Lyrics

Stand Still (Remix)

Every time you walk away
My heart says stay another day with me
But you’ll come back in the autumn light
That holds you oh ever so tight
When the yearning thrives
Oh, come home make love to me
Oh, one more time deliciously

Are you playing with my heart
How many different words can comfort me
Why cast your spell in every trail that leads
You to another girl, look into my eyes
Dare to tell me that we’re not
Meant to be in state of love

Stand still
Wait until the sound of the warm thrill
That gently wakes you up
And stand still
Cause it’s our loving sin
And it’s meant to be
Naturally, eternally
To stand still
And wait until the sign from the moon & stars

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