Cristina Morrison - Baronesa

1. Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) Lyrics

1. Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)

Um cantinho, um violão,
Esse amor numa canção,
Pra fazer feliz a quem se ama,
Muita calma pra pensar e ter tempo pra sonhar,
Da janela vê-se o Corcovado,
O Redentor que lindo.

Quero a vida sempre assim,
Com você perto de mim,
Até o apagar da velha chama,
E eu que era triste,
Descrente de sinismo,
Ao encontrar você eu conheci,
O que é Felicidade, Meu Amor.

O que é Felicidade, Meu Amor

Quiet nights of quiet stars,
Quiet chords from my guitar,
Floating on the silence that surronds us,

Quiet nights of quiet stars,
Quiet chords from my guitar,
Floating on the silence that surronds us,
Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams,
Quiet walks by quiet streams,
And window that looking so to Corcovado,
Oh! How I lovely.

2. The Sky is in your Eyes Lyrics

2. The Sky is in your Eyes

The stars are in your eyes, they spark a midnight fire
Your smile is so divine, it takes away the thin veil from my sorrow

The sky is in your eyes, it clears all my confusions
I dream of things that float above the stormy realm of my delusions

Every time I look at you I know that the reason why
we know that it’s not over
‘cause time cannot fade our love into the oblivion
you feel me near, every day
three thousand miles away will never be
too far to know that
I love you

Le stelle son tuoi occhi, son il fuoco nell mio cuore
tuo riso e divino, e toglie il velo grigio dal dolore

il cielo nei tuoi occhi, nascondono i problemi
E sogno che galeggio sopra il regno assurdo del delirio

Ogni volta che’l autunno arriva insieme a te
mia musica ti trova
e balli col vento sulla vecchia strada
ti porta piu vicino a me
mi senti ancora qui
t’aspetto sempre lo sai
ritorni a me

3. Vocalise for my Mother Lyrics

3. Vocalise for my Mother

I keep hearing you in the night and I dream I’m calling for you in the dark
And I madly come to find in my mind -to face my own fears
That I don’t know, guess I do know, no I don’t know
…………………. In my soul I seek I search and break again
I talk to myself all over again, I am alone

I’m frantically gasping for air in the night and I slowly need to breath
……………………………………’s a labyrinth in my heart as I die
all over again, no, no lo se, yes, I do know
That your spell is lingering on. In my trance I fly, I fall, and trip again
I slip through the cracks…………………

I keep hearing you in the night I keep screaming madly for you in my dreams
and you’re floating back to me but then I wake up I jump up again and I grieve and come to terms with myself
That I don’t know, guess I do know, yes, I do know
That your spell is lingering on. In my mind I fly, I fall, and trip again
I slip through the cracks and come out untouched.

4. Cry Me a River Lyrics

4. Cry Me a River

5. Ophelia’s Madness Lyrics

5. Ophelia’s Madness

The sky is joyfully crying tonight
Ophelia’s big crystal tears are falling from the thunderous light
Let the pond of your wildest dreams be held in the everlasting madness of Ophelia’s tears
Convincing in love within a dubious thought, oh no, it’s only true feeling that may surrender to an un-expecting crossroad of everlasting changing of time, changing of time, changing of time, changing of time
Ophelia’s madness is screaming and roaring with pride and through joyful tears she rides on the slippery trails of the night.
By my side, through the night, by my side, through the night, by my side……

6. La del Estribo Lyrics

6. La del Estribo

La del estribo cuando me miras gateando sobre la barra del bar
La del estribo cuando mi idea se ahoga en una copa más

Y bailas sola sin darte cuenta que ya amanece afuera del Blues
y van alzando las sillas negras y grito ahora a’ donde voy

La del estribo cuando te pegas al cuero rojo del asiento viejo
La del estribo cuando ya /imploro/jodo sobre mi pobre desamor

La del estribo cuando el Napo le habla Delia en el cielo pinta´o
y Angel Cobo de donde sea se pierde hacia Guapulo

Las guitarronas ya no asoman se nos quedaron en el taxi amigo
Mi whiskey el Johnnie nos acompaña fielmente a buscarlas ya

La amanecida se pone dura y Christian llora por la nostalgia
La del estribo cuando te miro y digo Negra, ya me voy!

7. Mi Amargo Placer Lyrics

7. Mi Amargo Placer

Mi Amargo Placer
Dedicado a Chabelita Vargas

Me pierdo en mi cantina
Con tabaco y tequila
Cigarrillo maldito, alcohol bendito
Apacigua mi amargo sin sabor

Canto con feroz voz alli donde voy
Con roja luz al andar las miradas se dispersan
Entre viejas guapas y poetas delirantes

Bohemia me deleitas, bohemia me das vueltas
Bohemia me torturas, bohemia me perviertes
Bohemia, Bohemia, eres mi amargo placer

Los recuerdos se desvanecen detras de la memoria
La muerte persiste e insiste y el tiempo no cesa.
Mi delirio me despierta y junto a mis suenos rotos cabalgo sin frenar bajo la noche tan fria del boulevard y sus piedras malditas
reflejan sus almas perdidas entre el sexo y el dolor

Bohemia me deleitas, bohemia me das vueltas
Bohemia me torturas, bohemia me perviertes
Bohemia, Bohemia, eres mi amargo placer

September 2003

8. Nuestro Juramento Lyrics

8. Nuestro Juramento

No puedo verte triste porque me mata
Tu carita de pena, mi dulce amor
Me duele tanto el llanto que tu derramas
Que se llena de angustia mi corazón

Yo sufro lo indecible si tu entristeces
No quiero que la duda te haga llorar
Hemos jurado amarnos hasta la muerte
Y si los muertos aman
Después de muertos amarnos mas

Si yo muero primero, es tu promesa
Sobre de mi cadáver dejar caer
Todo el llanto que brote de tu tristeza
Y que todos se enteren de tu querer

Si tu mueres primero, yo te prometo
Escribiré la historia de nuestro amor
Con toda el alma llena de sentimiento
La escribiré con sangre
Con tinta sangre del corazon

9. Spanish Dreamland Inquisition Lyrics

9. Spanish Dreamland Inquisition

My memory is locked and you yourself shall keep the key
away from fearful words of a sunlit girl who saw demons way too soon
for her innocence was destroyed before true love was to come her way
So she said, do not be afraid you’ll never be alone.
Do I just sound like non sense to you? I’m sure I do
because they are “only”dreams that make no sense
but if you listen closely you will know what they are meant to be

Very high clear blue water seemed to drown me from afar
creeping up on me fiercely flirting with my feet
I rapidly hike up to the top, look behind me and run from the rough hit
I see the pitch dark city from the mountain, it is late and I am escaping once more but those guards take me back to my jail. My house, where I thought once to be the princess to her prince but there outside the truth was to unveil before my eyes. I saw the mushroom patch under the orange sun glaze, the flowers swayed to sweet warm wind and the man
in front of me rapidly & disgustingly transformed into the devil himself and so I understood who I had married once upon a time. I understood I had to get away for black witchcraft had reeled me in.

Oh, why don’t you just sail through these troubled waters of my tempest heart
for in battle you have to encounter gods, beasts & humans but more so, yourself.
So I say say say, set your compass for clearer skies ‘cause the spirit doesn’t change,
it’s only the mood.

I live to live not to die and am afraid of that last short and deep breath that will be the final one when memories shall pass too fast too soon to take me into the journey of another dreamland wherever that one may be. They say surrendering is not the same as giving up. I further ask you, do you really live in the truth or in a lie or live like you should, do you wallow in your own pity and play victim of a crime? Or do you cut their heads off, breath and move on? M

My soul must be printed

10. Princesa Baronesa Lyrics

10. Princesa Baronesa

It was a very starry night
and we were out and about
at Beto’s Bar looked like the place to be

While we were lighting a joint
el Cabo Pisco walks by
Oiga Senorita, le espera el Capitan

El Bolo’s saying why, why why?
Minino dice que que que?
And Ana whispers weed weed weed weed
We wonder what the hell we did?

And it turns out that in town
the rumor spreading around
about some naked gringas taking sun

We were accused of a crime
It’s true, we did cross the line
God damn, we are the guilty ones?!

El Capi dice please, please, please
You cannot really do this here
and I was saying what, what, what, what
Hable serio, Capitan!
Soy la Princesa Baronesa, soy la Princesa Baronesa, Soy la Princesa Baronesa

It was a very sexy bar
the clock read quarter to five
the time was right for us to have a scotch

The sketchy hang was at the square
the boyz were up to no good
Que fueff? I heard it from the curb

El Cuarto grita habla yaafff
Pirata’s saying yeah yeah yeah
El Diablo dice si si si, si
Los cocos te los bajo yo!

The sun was cooking Villamil
the dock was covered with seals
and frigate birds are trying to steal the show

The swell is looking really sick
so take a run to the hut
Time out, to ride that gnarly wave

Ermanno dice no no no
El Kino saying yeah yeah yeah
And Fufi’s smiling go go go go
I just want to smoke a blunt, Ma

Soy la Princesa Baronesa, Soy la Princesa Baronesa, soy la Princesa Baronesa….

Misha Piatigorsky/Cristina Morrison -2013

11. Light or Dark Lyrics

11. Light or Dark

You are my greatest fear the one that I dread the most
How far can I travel without crossing
into this treacherous road
Baby, you tell me, should I live in the dark?You are my deepest thoughts, they wake me up at night
How can I exorcise them from my mind
while they haunt me deep inside
Baby, you tell me, should I live in the dark?Still, you touch me with fearful hands as if you’re the one afraid of me
Still, you talk to me with awkward words as if you could not get through to me
Still, you smile with dreaming lips and try to take me on like a little girlYou carved inside of me like a sculptor with his knife
You provoked my stormiest nights while the thunder made cry
You browsed inside of me, you bruised and you burnedI was caught on fire with a knot inside my heart
Now, baby, you tell me, please, should I live in the dark
Baby, you tell me, should I live in the light?








Cristina Morrison Album BARONESA

The Music beat of Galapagos “Where Art feeds Art”-

By getting your album today you are helping to support Baronesa’s commitment to the Galapagos children in all the public schools of Isabela island as part of the sales go to the educational art program, Arteducarte.

Cristina Morrison: lyrics & vocals
Produced by Misha Piatigorsky

Misha Piatigorsky: piano and all keys , percussion
Conor Rayne (tr 1,2,4,10), cajon (tr 9) – Willard Dyson (tr 5,6,7) – Ari Hoenig (tr 3,8) – Rudy Royston (tr 11):

Danton Boller (tr 3,4,8,9,11) – Edward Perez (tr 5,6,7) – Sergio Brandão – (tr 1,2,10): bass
Ron Affif ((tr 1,2,10) – Mark Hermann (tr 11): guitars
Joel Frahm: tenor and soprano saxophone
Tatum Greenblatt: trumpet
Magnus Lindgren: flute
Mauricio Herrera: percussion
Victor Prieto: accordion
Frederika Krier: violin
Chorus: Misha Piatigorsky, Tatum Greenblatt, Mauricio Herrera, Anatalya Piatigorsky

Executive Producer: Baronesa Records
Arrangements: Misha Piatigorsky
Recorded and Mixed: Brian Montgomery
Additional Engineering: Roy Hendrickson
Mastering: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound
Recorded at Spin Recording Studios– NYC 2014

Photography: Anna Webber
Galapagos photo: Cristina Morrison
“Making of” filmmaker: Filippo Burbano Fantastichini
Graphic Design: Richard Mantel

Contact Information
Distribution: Allegro Media Group in the USA and Canada. Forrest Faubian,
Cristina Morrison – Baronesa Jazzheads
Planetworks for territories outside the USA and Canada. Chris Callahan,
The Orchard, Believe Digital, Emusic – Digital Distribution
Representation: Cristina Morrison – Baronesa Records –
(786) 273-2862
Press: Scott Thompson – – (203) 400-1818
Radio: tba
Digital Marketing: Isabel Portilla |
For Jazzheads: Randy Klein | |  212-580-9065

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